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Taxation advice

  •  Representation before revenue administration offices
    and administration courts

  • Representation during revenue office inspections

  • Preparation of documentation in the scope of Polish
    and international tax law with regard to avoiding double

taxation Preparation of transfer price documentation.
We prepare transaction documentation between associated entities, and also transaction documentation with entities registered in countries applying damaging tax competition.
From year to year the number of detailed revenue inspection increases, questioning the propriety of the prices applied
in transactions with associated entities. Discovery by the revenue service of a mistake entails negative consequences
for the taxpayer. As a practice we specialise in drawing
up and submitting such documentation at the appropriate time, having regard for care of the comfort and safety of the client.


Coordination of the procedures linked to price agreement (APA)

From the 1st of January 2006 the regulations of the Fiscal Code apply, introducing the procedure of binding Advanced Pricing Agreements - APA). Advanced pricing agreements are
the agreements made between the taxpayer and the appropriate revenue office, or the Ministry of Finance, concerning all aspects of the evaluation of the transaction with an associated entity.
The essence of APA is the gaining of formal confirmation from
the revenue administration of the propriety of the determined transfer price. In this way the taxpayer is certain that the transfer price in transactions covered by the agreement shall not be questioned. We are of the opinion that the introduction in Poland of modern solutions in the scope of international fiscal law will increase the investment attractiveness of Poland and enable faster integration of the Polish economy with the world economy.


Drawing up taxation opinions

Among our services we offer the drawing up of written taxation opinions, which have regard for all aspects of the application
of the fiscal regulations. The key function of our opinions
is to facilitate making the best choice of decision by the manager, with the simultaneous optimisation of the fiscal consequences
of the defined trading events, which undoubtedly supports
the development of the enterprise.


Drawing up and inspection of tax declarations

We offer examination of the books with regard to the propriety
of determining the object and basis of taxation and also the proper classification of commercial events in the aspect of the fiscal regulations; particularly the VAT, income tax and civil-legal procedures regulations.

Drawing up a concept for saving and optimising the amount of taxeskoncepcji

Due preparation of a comprehensive analysis of the fiscal consequences of specified commercial events, transactions, contracts and future plans; we are able to indicate to clients possible tax jeopardy and also the means of avoidance, which may bring tangible financial benefit.


Our services include in particular:

  • Keeping the account ledgers.

  • Drawing up and introducing the accounting principles of the unit including the establishment of the account plan.

  • VAT register

  • Comprehensive salary and social security contribution payment

  • Drawing up the financial statement in accord with regulations
    of the accounting Act.

  • Drawing up the tax declarations according to the requirements of fiscal law.

  • Drawing up statistical declarations

  • Conducting the register of fixed assets, equipment,
    non-material and legal values and also preparation
    of depreciation plans


Personnel and salaries

Comprehensive salary service includes in particular:

  • Drawing up the payroll

  • Preparation, submission of forms registering and de-registering the contribution payer and the persons insured

  • Drawing up the tax declaration and social security declaration

We also provide advisory services in connection with employing German citizens in Poland.


Economic and financial advice

In order to take the optimal strategic decision for an enterprise, managers need reliable and tested information and an impartial commentary. We prepare:

  • Financial analyses

  • Economic analyses

  • Strategic analyses


Registration activity

In cooperation with leading legal practices we assure
a comprehensive service in:

  • Preparation of the articles of incorporation according
    to the individual requirements of the client

  • Coordination of notary services

  • Registration of companies in the National Court Register

  • Obtaining Statistical Registration and Taxpayer Identification numbers

  • Registration at the Revenue Office and a VAT and also VAT/EU tax payer


Other services

  • Advice in the scope of taking action and establishing
    an enterprise in particular countries, including negotiations
    with future partners

  • Investment and financial advice

  • Evaluation of enterprises

  • Advice connected with the purchase or sale of an enterprise

  • Advice in enterprise reorganisation

  • Evaluation of risk associated with transactions, including
    risk of investment in given enterprise

  • Description of the peculiarities of the operation of the enterprise and business sector

  • Description of the system of cost accounting,
    preparation of costs calculation